• Targeted at farmers’ cooperative societies/ farmers groups to meet their financing needs
  • Product covers Farm machineries acquisition (Irrigation equipment, sprayers, pumps, tractors, implements etc.)
  • Maintenance of 20% in savings account to serve as collateral support
  • Counter guarantee of members of the Cooperative Societies (Joint and several liability of members).
  • Cooperatives must be at least 6 months of being registered with Registrar of Cooperatives.
  • Lien or bills of purchase on the equipment being financed.
  • Up to 60% ECCB/NIRSAL Credit Risk Guarantee on net amount in default.
  • NAIC Insurance cover on the approved amount.
  • Eligible only on current account.

  • Customer can benefit up to five times the amount saved as cash collateral.
  • Facility tenor ranges between 12 and 24 months.
  • Professional advice to customers.
  • ECCB guarantee upon payment of 3% annual Risk Guarantee fee attract up to 60% Guarantee and 35% interest rebate for good performance